The Employee Retention Guide

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Employee Retention Guide

  • 3 simple ways of calculating how much talent drain is costing your organization right now.
  • Quick assessment of six critical areas of manager experience to identify which of these areas are causing your organization to lose your best employees, create productivity drag and hemorrhage money.
  • Simple, step-by-step framework for building the action plan and closing the gap as fast as possible.

Who is Alena Sviderskaia?

Alena Sviderskaia is a Leadership Coach and Consultant, creator of a LevelUp Leadership Academy, helping companies turn managers into high-performing leaders who facilitate positive change and generate RESULTS.

Alena worked with numerous companies across diverse industries, helping her clients improve leadership practices, increase engagement, reduce productivity drag and keep their best employees longer by becoming a trusted partner in supporting and developing their best asset - their people.

Alena holds a degree in psychology from McGill University, a graduate of a coaching program from CoachU, experienced leadership coach and facilitator, and a co-creator of the YOUverest program. She is also a proud member of the ICF Toronto Chapter.

Not only Alena is enjoyable to work with but her insights are invaluable. Alena has facilitated a couple of virtual workshops for Educators Leadership & Management Teams and she has shone with her dynamic, engaging and informative presentations. Alena has gone above and beyond to tailor the workshops towards our team, needs & expectations to ensure successful results. Excellent work done! Look forward to working with Alena again!

Anna Arakelyan

HR Manager at Educators Financial group

From the moment Alena met me at the Yabu Pushelberg studio, she became one of us. Alena goes beyond the role of a consultant or facilitator, you can feel her personal investment in what she does. Our culture, our people, our goals – she’s an invaluable partner in it all. Perhaps most notable about Alena is her authentic positivity. She acknowledges reality and isn’t necessarily overly positive about things (you know the type), but rather she looks for the positives in things, the lessons, the opportunities. From the beginning, Alena was willing to think outside the box and experiment with me. She will do whatever it takes to meet our needs and get us the results she knows we can achieve together.

Jessica Steed Brown

Director of Talent at Yabu Pushelberg

We used Alena as a speaker at a Professional Development event Series we hosted for our employees. She was an incredible presenter who captivated the attention of our entire group and worked extremely hard to ensure she encompassed all of the needs we had. There were a few remote participants and she found an awesome application that could involve those who dialed in and make them feel like they were a part of the group. I would highly recommend working with Alena if you are looking for a speaker, she was an absolute joy!

Haley Sangster

Director of Customer Experience at Velocity Global

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